Wood Pellet Stove

All St. Croix corn stoves will also burn pellets with little to no conversion to them.

The Avalon Astoria will burn a 50/50 mix of corn and pellets.

The Europa Greenfire will burn straight pellets, corn or wheat.

Ask us today which stove is right for burn the fuel YOU want to burn TODAY and in the FUTURE.




St. Croix
Afton Bay

a pellet stove that has a three sided bay look to it so you can see the enchanting flame from multiple angels

Showcasing the large bay window this stove will not just heat your average sized home, it will also look great doing it.
St. Croix

a cast iron pellet stove which holds the heat and radiates for hours

The astoria's kid brother. Perfect for smaller areas you want to heat and as an affordable natural fuel source
St. Croix
Prescott EXL

One of our best selling stoves with the stylish legs that can match the door in black, nickel or gold

the modern convenience of a pellet stove with the classic look of a wood pellet stove
St. Croix
Prescott EXP

Boasting a large 90# hopper this is the workhorse of the St. Croix pellet stoves, includes a large ash pan in the pedestal
Europa Greenfire

THE most efficient multi-fuel stove you can buy. Includes a battery backup perfect for the winter heating season